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Essay on Socrates and the Sophists

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Theognis: Elegies and other elegies included in the Theognideansylloge. Protagoras 2. Concerns were pragmatic, rather than speculative. Plato: Complete Works. Despite his animus towards the sophists, Plato depicts Protagoras as quite a sympathetic and dignified figure.

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cicero vs socrates Essay

Send Message. Money Back Guarantee. The Sophists were orators, public speakers, mouths for hire in an oral culture. They were gifted with speech. They were skilled in what becomes known as Rhetoric. They were respected, feared and hated. They had a gift and used it in a manner that aroused the ire of many. They challenged, questioned and did not care to arrive at the very best answers.

They cared about winning public speaking contests, debates, and lawsuits and in charging fees to teach others how to do as they did. To be able to speak well meant a great deal at that time.

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Free Essay: Intro To Philosophy Socrates was not a Sophist; he never took money for his teaching, and rejected sophistical. Free Essay: How would you feel if someone called you a sophist? The main differences between the Sophist and Socrates were their views on absolute truth.

As there was no real paper available, there were no written contracts or deeds and disputes that would be settled today with a set of documents as evidence back then they would need to be settled through a contest of words: one person's words against another's. Whoever presented the best oral case would often prevail. To speak well was very important.

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The Sophists were very good speakers. Indeed, they had reputations for being able to convince a crowd that up was down, that day was night, that the wrong answer could be the right answer, that good was bad and bad is good, even that injustice is justice and justice would be made to appear as injustice! To support one's position in any matter, nothing better could be offered than a quotation from one of the works, which told of the gods and their actions. If an action of the gods could be found that was similar top that being taken by a party to a debate then that was evidence of the correctness of that action.

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Therefore, those who were the fastest and most accurate at being able to locate quotations and take them and apply them to a given situation would often win the debate, the contest, the lawsuit or discussion. The Sophists were very well versed in the epic tales and poems. They were able to find the most appropriate quotation to support any position.

They regularly entered contests and those who won were given prizes, but no prize was greater than being the victor and able to charge the highest rates of tuition to instruct the sons of the wealthy in how to speak in public. This skill was needed to defend oneself against lawsuits even against the most frivolous of lawsuits brought by one who thought himself to be the better speaker.

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The Sophists taught courses that might have been labeled with such current phrasings as:. The Sophists held no values other than winning and succeeding. They were not true believers in the myths of the Greeks but would use references and quotations from the tales for their own purposes.

They were secular atheists, relativists and cynical about religious beliefs and all traditions. They believed and taught that "might makes right". They were pragmatists trusting in whatever works to bring about the desired end at whatever the cost. They made a business of their own form of education as developing skills in rhetoric and profited from it. Their concerns were not with truth but with practical knowledge. In spite of this minor criticism, the book makes a significant contribution to the scholarship of Platonic philosophy. He is author and editor of several books and also is the editor of VoegelinView present and editor of Lexington Books series Politics, Literature, and Film present.

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Socrates vs Sophists

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