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And I know later in his life he was not proud of those at all. Geisel suggested this himself decades after the war. At the museum, located amid a complex of other museums in Springfield, where Mr. Geisel grew up, the first floor is geared toward young children.

Aside from the murals, there are mock-ups of Springfield landmarks that inspired Mr. The top floor features artifacts like letters, sketches, the desk at which Mr. Geisel drew and the bifocals he wore. Simpson said. She said Mr. Susan Brandt, the president of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which oversees Mr. Seuss and Mr. Brandt, who consulted with Ms.

Dr. Seuss Analyzed for Political, Social Effects

They reflect a way of thinking during that time period. We would never edit history.

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One of his books, The Lorax , had a strong environmentalist message and spoke about the dangers and evils of the logging industry. Even as late as , the Laytonville, California, School District made a push to ban the book, as officials feared that it would turn children against the logging industry.

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This censorship, thankfully, did not stand. One book, The Seven Lady Godivas , which was full of nude cartoon women, was released during the Great Depression in This would cause Dr.

Seuss to rethink his target demographic and motivated him to put his energy more into writing for children. During World War Two, Dr.

The Lorax Analysis

Seuss was employed producing various political cartoons for a New York newspaper known as PM. During this time, he would write cartoons that many people today would find to be abhorrent with extremely racist tones, especially toward the Japanese. While it might not have been controversial at the time, for those who grew up reading Dr. Seuss books, finding out that your favorite author held some extreme views towards other races can be a shock.

Fortunately, Dr.

After visiting Japan, his beliefs shifted, so much so that he ended up writing several books about racism. Cancelled U. This is not the case with The Lorax. In fact, there really is no subtext at all; everything is there in the text. Context matters, of course, but this is a story by Seuss that pretty much just lays everything out for all to see without much masking. By the end, the reader has been given all the information Seuss deems necessary for them to come to a conclusion: are you for or against environmental protection.


It really is all that simple, right? Except it really is not.

An important question about the nature of the Once-Ler lingers well after the book is closed and that question can effectively be summed up thusly: is he a complicated antagonist whose remorse arrives perhaps, but not definitely, too late to undo the gross violation of his impact on the environment or is he just a cartoon villain representing the ill-informed left wing of humanity who simply do not get just how essential and important business is to the planet?

The complexity of the Once-Ler is addressed through physical manifestation: he is never shown completely.

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He exists only as arms occasionally seen by the narrator and as the figure who has taken what was once a lush forest and is now a polluted wasteland. By that standard of judgement, his ambiguity leans toward the latter interpretation.

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He is merely the Seussian ideal of the big, bad, greedy corporation.