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Applying for this year's cycle but I am quite worried that my lack of volunteer experience will be a weakness Verified Account. Hey Guys! I am applying to DukeNUS this cycle! Is anyone going to attend PREP?

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How many students are admitted into the Faculty of Law each year? Please refer to the admission requirements stated HERE. Please note. Admission Requirements ยท Degree Requirements Candidates who are in the final year of their undergraduate law studies may apply if they are able to fulfill.

Also, are there any current students so kind to quickly glance through the application essay? Lazy Surgeon said:. Reactions: Lazy Surgeon. Jan 2, 79 20 Status Pre-Medical. Please kindly inform us. Jun 22, 3 1. AbbottV said:. After this incidence, MOH changed their policy. Everyone will need to stay at least one year in Singapore to work as a House Office.

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After which, you may apply for residency whether it is in Singapore or other countries. However, each year, they will only allow 2 people to do residency outside of Singapore. They are now making it extremely difficult for people to apply for residency in the United States. Each class has about 60 students. This means that you will need to be one of the top 6 students among your classmates, which is difficult.

Majority of the tests are designed by Singaporean clinicians. Most of the questions require rote memorization. Not much critical thinking involved.

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Singaporeans are trained to be good with rote memorization. Therefore, people who are among the top 6 are typically Singaporeans. They want more family physicians and less specialists. Another thing that I will point out is the school typically let the students fill out survey on student mistreatment during year 1. He will make sure that the students get disciplinary actions and forces the students to be in a position to be targeted and bullied by other clinical faculties including administrative staffs and clinicians at Duke-NUS.

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The clinical staff will ask very personal question about the student and send the report to the program coordinator. The whole process is mental manipulation through emotional and verbal abuses. Yes, there are a lot of reports of bullying in medical community. What the leaders in the Singapore medical community want are skilled workers who do not question their authority.

It is not democratic. People here believe in hierarchy and authoritarianism. Depending on how successful the process of brainwashing is, the person will end up starting to agree and think alike as their Singaporean colleagues and teachers. The person becomes afraid to speak up and start to doubt themselves. Silencing people and making sure that the wrongdoings of clinicians are not known to the public is also wrong. Reactions: alvinyeeww. Oct 24, 15 12 Status Medical Student.

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Dear Winterprelude, The essay questions by Duke NUS are fairly typical of most medical schools and I think you can set up an application to access them as well. They usually focus on ethical dilemmas, working with others, challenges you have faced and also your motivations for doing medicine. The submission deadline is usually either December or early January. Hope this helps!

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Reactions: proteinworker. Dear dvdp, Are you a student suffering in silence? If you are, I know for a fact there are counsellors in the school to help speak to you. If you are not, I am not sure if what you say is a fair comment. As to the Duke-NUS senior, the way you put it is that she is a money grubber. Hardly makes anyone sympathetic to a gold digger who wants more money. For other students here, if you want a cushy life, lots of money, no "suffering", medicine is NOT for you.

Here is a hotline you can go to for comfort. I hope this helps you deal with the many challenges you face. Good Samaritans of Singapore: dvdp said:. Thank God someone speaks up about bullying and blacklisting of students by faculty and staff of Duke-NUS!!

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Many others do not dare to voice objections and suffer in silence. The caliber of each student who is enrolled into the program is high. It is not fair to push the buck to the student when it was the school who chose the student through supposedly stringent processes to ensure the student has high chance of succeeding in the school. Instead of supporting the student through the years of studies and practice, this school condones and takes such underhanded actions against individuals.

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It is unprofessional and unethical of a school to do these, let alone a medical school. How can a medical school profess to teach its students professionalism and ethics if its leaders and role models are not upright in their actions? That Duke-NUS senior announced publicly to everyone she knew that she was not returning to Singapore for her reasons of lower pay and lower rank in Singapore.

But she can easily recoup that from working in US. MOH change in US residency policy isn't solely as a result of her actions. It's thanks to a good number of seniors who run away to US residency and never return, violating their service obligation to the country. Some of them had zero intention to do the service obligation and over the years MOH has learnt its lesson. Why do MD not want to practice in Singapore? They were not protected in medical school. They know working in Singapore healthcare system will be worse.

Medical school does not prepare them for work life. Salary is worse than in US, work environment is horrid, work-life balance is bad, career opportunities are limited to what the Singapore government wants. With US license they can work anywhere in US and other countries. That opens up an ocean of opportunities rather than fighting to survive in a small pond. Living expenses in Singapore are high and rising. Why spend the best years of your working life in such a place? Some internationals want to return home to work and live.

Other internationals are using Duke-NUS as a stepping stone to the western countries. Working in Singapore was never their goal and never stepping into Singapore ever again is not a problem to them. Dear zackksg, Thank you for all the useful info. Good Samaritans of Singapore: Jun 27, 6 1. I would like to know what the cohort size is like for this school?