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You can access your personal order page at any time so that you can find out what is happening to your paper right away. It is fast and easy to contact your writer using your personal order page. He or she is a specialist, so do not hesitate to contact your writer to clarify any details. On your personal order page, you can easily start a chat, and your writer will respond as soon as possible.

It is very important to us that both of you can effectively communicate with each other. Doing research is a part of our job. If you need a research paper, do not hesitate to order one from our website. Our writers will find all the necessary information and do a thorough analysis for the project. You can also provide books necessary for doing research, if you have any of them.

Do not forget to mention all the requirements concerning your research paper in the order form, and our writers will do the assignment exactly according to your instructions. Within our research paper writing service, we have a team of specialists with solid experience in academic writing. All of our employees have a college degree at the very least. The people who will write your research have an advanced knowledge of English. Many of them are native speakers. Therefore, we can provide high quality writing at any academic level.

We write papers for students all over the US, as well as the UK. That is why our essays and research papers certainly correspond to the requirements of most colleges and universities. Our papers will help you gain the approval of your teachers and earn higher marks.

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We offer a full cheap custom research paper service. Whether you are in college or any other educational level, we can help you with your research papers. Do you need help with a research paper? You can choose a cheap writing service at StudyClerk. You can buy quality essays 24/7 and have it custom for you.

Try our service, and you may become one of many lucky return customers who trust our writers with their assignments. You may change the deadline of the order if you need the paper sooner than you thought while placing an order. However, this will incur an extra fee. If you need to change the deadline of your order, contact our support service as soon as you can. It is very likely that you can pay extra money for the urgency and our writer will complete the paper on time. We are responsible for the quality of our papers and we take care that you are satisfied with our writing.

That is why we offer several options if you see that your paper is not what you wanted. First, contact your writer on that account and point out which part of the paper you do not like. Our writers do free revisions if their papers do not correspond to your instructions. Second, you can contact our support team. They can offer you a different writer or a refund depending on your situation. When you ask your writer to do a revision of the order, you have to set a new deadline.

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Usually, it means an extra 8 hours. However, your writer can complete it earlier. We suggest that you agree on revisions with your writer.

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On the personal order page, you can discuss the paper with your specialist and decide which improvements should be made. Sometimes we can see duplicates of orders in our system. Note that if you placed an order and paid for it, we can see your application. In case this happened, you should immediately contact our support service and report the mistake. We will find your orders and cancel one of them before a writer is assigned to it. To ensure your safety, we provide a money back guarantee.

It is not a problem if you cancel your order before a writer has been assigned or if you paid twice for the same order. If your paper has been late for some reason, you will have a partial refund, compensating you for the lateness. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you can provide the evidence of bad quality to our Dispute Department and we will make a partial refund after reviewing your claim.

If you are concerned about the possible amount of the refund, visit our Money Back Guarantee page. You can certainly ask your writer to make a longer paper. In this case, you should inform the writer who is already working on your paper and agree on the final length of the paper and the new deadline. Then, you should contact our support representatives to change the information on your order.

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Why should you choose our cheap paper writing service? Also, we offer our clients such guarantees as: Quality assurance.

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When we accept your assignment order, we treat it with the utmost seriousness. This means that only the best experts will conduct research on your topic and that they will deliver your paper only after making sure that it is insightful.

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